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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

T-Mobile's Cheap Internet and Mobile Blogging

I am using a 30 day trial of T-Mobile's web plan for cell phones. This plan includes unlimited web access but does not include downloads or a text plan. The up side... it only costs $10/Month.

So far I am very pleased. In fact I am writing this blog on my Shadow phone at a time that would usually be lost to simple waiting. Since I am used to the two letters per key typing method, I can crank out the words at about 60% of keyboard typing speed.

The strange thing is that T-Mobile limits this cheap web plan to phones that it considers non-smart phones. If you have a G1 you have to use at least the basic $25/Month data plan. Even stranger is the fact that they don't consider a phone like the Shadow, which runs Windows Mobile 6, a smart phone. But hey, I'm not complaining.

This little phone is still not as efficient as the ever popular netbooks, but on the flip side I always have my phone. Mostly I think it fulfills a role that I require within the ever broadening array of Internet enabled devices.

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