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Thursday, November 22, 2012

SQL Server 2012, and the fog clears on Thanksgiving

If you have been developing databases for five, ten, or more years, you have probably been there too.  The spot where plans finally catch up to reality.  You were in the trenches with old technology (in my case Foxpro 6), trying to make it do the impossible, despondent that the day may never come when you have the ability to implement real solutions again building on a real technology stack.

And then it finally happens.

After three weeks of conversion pain, we have now implemented a complete redesign of our core system that is driven by my new best friend.... SQL Server 2012.

Oh, I still love SQL 2000, 2005, and 2008, and they will still play an important role in the spaces that they currently hold (until 2000 support ends next year).  But SQL 2012, shiny and new, full of new functionality, is the spring in our human cannonball trick.

In addition to making me want to blog again about SQL Server, it means that I can begin to turn musings in the back of my mind into concrete plans that can become reality.

While I did not have time to blog on the server setup and production installation of our SQL Server, I look forward to again being able to join my community of SQL developers in sharing successes and failures, helping others find answers that I have already found, and enjoying the benefits of the countless others that do the same things, making developing in and supporting the SQL Server platform such a joy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!