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Monday, September 14, 2009

Domain Move Part 2

After the first attempt at moving a SQL 2005 Server from one domain to another, I learned several lessons to help me make the permanent transition to the new domain. Here are a few of the key things I checked and/or changed.

- Verify that the new DNS server has entries for the short names of all servers that SQL Server needs to access. I found that several servers would resolve to [servername].[full domain name] but not to simply [servername]. I had to request CNAME entries for all the resources that required (due to extensive existing code) the ability to access the server through the short name.
- Make sure all services are running under local accounts.
- Make sure the Reporting Services execution account is running under a local account.
- If any objects are owned by domain level accounts, change ownership to local accounts.
- If any SQL Agent Jobs are scheduled to run under domain accounts, change them to local accounts.
- Check SSIS packages for any domain account ownership and change to local account.

I still had a few issues, but for the most part I was able to change one SQL 2005 Server from one domain to another and add a SQL 2005 and a SQL 2000 server to the domain from a workgroup with little trouble after checking the previous list and making changes as needed.

If you have any more tips, please feel free to leave comments to flesh out the topic.

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