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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Handling Layered Transitions

We've all been there. The company is adding a new domain and the PCs and servers must be moved to the domain. A new file server is replacing the old one, and everyone must be remapped to use the new server. The servers are being moved to an off-site data center, and all the external IPs must be rerouted. The company is moving offices.

Any of these transitions can cause stress in the office. In my case, we are going through all of the above.

So how do you keep your sanity and avoid self-destructing during these stressful times? Here are a few tips I am trying to follow.

1) Always remember the pressure that everyone else is feeling. This means you can't take things personally if emotions run high, as they are bound to do. Try to be the calm voice of reason.

2) Find out how you can help rather than complaining about mistakes. When everyone is overwhelmed by the pressures of the transition, it is inevitable that some details will be overlooked and some mistakes will be made. What is important is that you contribute to the solutions.

3) Put in the hours that are needed to get the job done. I like my home life as much as anyone, but these transition times are time limited, they don't go on forever. If you put in extra time to make it go more smoothly, and your co-workers do the same, you will all have a much smoother transition.

The bottom line to me is that major transitions are always tough, and sometimes you just have to gut it out.

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