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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ready for Windows 7

I know patience is a virtue, but it's a virtue that I have in short supply. After having tested Windows 7 in beta and after installing RC a dozen times for production, I am ready to make the switch to Windows 7.

Everyone has their own reasons for liking Windows 7, but mine are pretty simple.

1) It boots faster than Vista and XP. Not a big deal to everyone but makes a difference to me.
2) From what I can tell, it either manages memory much better or it does a better job of prioritizing tasks. The end result is better performance even with less memory than on Vista.

Combine that with the great ease of networking a Windows 7 PC and the huge increase in security over XP along with more stability than Vista, and we have a winner.

I just wish it had not taken so long for Microsoft to churn out another OS as good as the beloved XP. Fortunately the new Toshiba laptop I just picked up at Best Buy (and am typing on at this moment) has a free upgrade to Windows 7. The wait is almost over.

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