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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My name is Hugh Thomas and I finally decided to cut my teeth on my first professional blog about SQL Server. I have been developing databases for about fifteen years going back to Access version 2.0. In 2000 I started developing with SQL 2000 and I've never looked back.

As a database engine and feature-rich tool set, I consider the SQL Server platform to be the best bang for your buck and the easiest platform to have multiple tiers of support, from the very basic support user up to the Super DBA.

I have been using SQL 2005 in production since three months after it was released and am currently testing SQL 2008 for future development. Although my primary roll is that of a Database Developer, I have played the roll of our primary (well, really our only) DBA since 2000. That means I have installed SQL 2000-2008 multiple times, dealt with the configuration side of the server and services, and banged my head against the wall when things went South.

I plan to blog about what I learn, mistakes I make, and link to interesting resources that I find along the way. If my successes and failures can help someone else, all the better.

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